Category: Dental Practice

01 Jun

The Tooth of Aging

Elementary students learn about George Washington and that he was the first President of the United States. They can tell the story about how he chopped down a cherry tree and declared that he “could not tell a lie.” That story about Washington stands out for kids, along with the fact that George Washington had […]

25 May

What Should You Ask When Looking For A Dentist In Queen Creek?

Comprehensive dental care is essential for your complete wellness. When you have healthy gums and teeth, you can avert many health risks. It requires a strict oral hygiene followed by routine checkups and cleaning by an expert dentist in Queen Creek. There are many ways in which your oral health can keep your body healthy. […]

13 Feb

Healthy Teeth and Gums

A dentist in Queen Creek is an important person on your overall healthcare team. You schedule yearly check-ups with your primary care physician and get your vaccines, so why not do the same with oral healthcare? A clean and healthy mouth is an important part of a healthy body. If you haven’t seen a dentist […]

28 Jan

How Often Should You Visit Dental Office?

When it comes to the dentist, patients only want to be there when they have to be but the importance of preventative visits cannot be understated. It is with these routine exams and x-rays that issues are found while they are still small and easily treated instead of waiting until it becomes a major pain […]

28 Dec

Take Care of Your Little Ones’ Teeth

You’ve got a house full of little children. You love that it’s always noisy and that there are always toys everywhere. It’s never bothered you in getting up at night for feedings or to change one diaper after another. You were born to be a mom. When it comes to the care of your little […]

28 Nov

Choose the Best Dentist For Your Entire Family

Shopping for things like vision and dental offices can be quite a task. How are you supposed to compare them without making individual appointments at each one in town, and who can afford to do that? Well, in Queen Creek, AZ, you don’t have to do that when it comes to finding the right dental […]

12 Oct

This is One Dentist You Won’t Find Scary

When you were about six years old, your mother took you to the dentist for the first time. You remember big scary lights and loud machines, people wearing weird masks and messing with your mouth. It was uncomfortable, and you screamed and cried that you never wanted to go back, so your mom didn’t make […]

29 Sep

Affordable Family Queen Creek Dentist

Everyone knows that providing dental healthcare for the entire family can get very expensive. This is even before the braces, cavities and possible dental work that needs to be done but patients at Queen Creek Value Dental Center don’t have to be worried about paying outrageous fees or all costs upfront. Instead, this practice offers […]

12 Sep

3 Ways To Find An Affordable Dental Office Near You

Finding an affordable dental service is easier said than done. Despite the tall claims made by most of the practices, they lack on one or two factors like convenience, quality, and the latest technology. In the pursuit of finding the best dental clinic, costs of treatment may be increased, while a cheap clinic may not […]