An estimated 35 million people in the United States have no natural teeth left. Many more have lost multiple teeth. If you’re in this number, you may know the frustration of not being able to chew thoroughly or speak clearly. You may also feel the embarrassment of smiling in public, knowing that your smile is incomplete. At Value Dental Center in Queen Creek, AZ, we want to help you by providing affordable, quality dentures or partials to restore your smile, health, confidence, and quality of life.

Living Without Teeth

Missing teeth lead to a long list of troubles, and if you do not replace lost teeth, quality of life spirals downward. Edentulous people, that is those without any teeth, who do not wear dentures are at risk of malnutrition and poor health. Even if you have some teeth remaining, your ability to chew healthy foods, like crisp vegetables, will suffer, and as a result, your diet will not be sufficient to support good, long-term health.

Speech is also difficult when teeth are lost, because we form words by using our tongue and teeth for pronunciation. The inability to communicate clearly can have devastating effects on self-confidence, potentially leading to a life of isolation and depression.

The good news is, you do not have to live without a full set of functioning, natural-looking teeth.

About Partials and Dentures

Partials replace multiple teeth on the upper or lower arch. The device consists of a plastic base that holds replacement teeth, and clasps onto healthy teeth. Each replacement tooth on the base fits like a puzzle piece in the patient’s arch, completing a full row of upper or lower teeth. Partials may be fixed, should the patient desire a non-removable prosthetic.

Full dentures replace all teeth on the upper or lower arch. Upper dentures can be made with a closed palate, so that they are held in place with natural suction. Closed palate dentures can interfere with the ability to taste food, though, so most patients prefer an open palate. Upper open palate dentures and all lower dentures are secured with denture adhesive or dental implants.

Implants are independently anchored posts, placed into the jawbone to support a single tooth, bridge, partial, or denture. They require a brief surgery, but provide unmatched stability and do not allow dentures to move, loosen, or slip out of place. Not all patients qualify for implants. Strong bone density and good oral health are prerequisites. You may undergo procedures to improve bone density and dental health, in which case you may become a good candidate for implants in the future.

Schedule a Consultation Today

The first step toward a full set of functioning teeth is a consultation with one of our dentists at Value Dental Center in Queen Creek, AZ. The dentist will take time to evaluate your oral health, medical history, medications, and x-rays, then discuss which prosthetic may be best for your lifestyle. We want to help you restore optimal oral function and health, so you can enjoy a long life full of many smiles. Our affordable options and payment plans make partials and dentures possible for virtually every patient, so call us today to schedule your consultation.