Root Canal

Our teeth are covered by the hardest substance the human body creates, tooth enamel. However, teeth are still susceptible to cavities, fractures, and breaks. When damage to a tooth allows the inner canal to become vulnerable, bacteria invade and cause internal infection. As the bacteria reproduce, pressure builds from within the tooth, causing significant, sometimes debilitating pain. This is the exact situation in which a root canal is necessary. Only root canal therapy can save the internally infected tooth from death or extraction. At Value Dental Center in Queen Creek, AZ, our dentists offer modern root canal therapy that is often completed in a single appointment.

How Pulp Becomes Infected

Each of our teeth has a coating of protective enamel, an underlying layer of sensitive dentin, and a core that houses connective tissues, a nerve, and blood vessels. The core opens to channels that run down teeth roots, where nerves and blood vessels enter the jawbone. Any time the sealed core of a tooth is compromised, bacteria will invade. Our mouths are home to over 600 types of bacteria, so infection of a compromised tooth core is inevitable.

Common causes of internal tooth infection include deep decay/cavities, deep crack/fracture, breakage, or a failed restoration.


Unfortunately, once a tooth’s inner core is compromised by bacteria, the tooth will die. Caught early enough, a root canal may save the tooth from the need for extraction. Non-treatment will only lead to the afflicted tooth’s ultimate demise. Infection could then create an abscess or spread into the blood stream to cause serious overall health complications. Don’t wait until you need an emergency root canal. If you have a tooth that hurts when you chew, or a nagging toothache that does not go away with time, visit the dentist for an examination as soon as possible. Our dentists are also happy to provide second opinions, should you want us to review a treatment plan created elsewhere.

Modern Root Canals

Our dentists utilize micro-tools, a rotary endodontic tool, and anesthesia to make root canal therapy effective and comfortable. In the past, the procedure took two or more visits to complete, leaving patients in limbo between visits. Today, however, most root canals can be finished in a single office visit.

The procedure involves removing infected tissue from the tooth’s canals, then filling the canals with a manmade substance, usually gutta percha. A dental crown is then placed, to restore the tooth’s integrity and permanently seal it. Though a tooth is no longer living after root canal treatment, it can remain in place indefinitely, so the patient does not need a replacement tooth. Retaining the natural tooth also supports healthy occlusion.

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If you need an emergency root canal to relieve your pain, or you want a second opinion on a diagnosis, call Value Dental Center Queen Creek today. We offer same-day emergency visits, as well as second opinions. Remember, a toothache is your body’s way of telling you that it’s time to visit the dentist. If you have oral pain, call us today to schedule an appointment. We make dental care affordable and convenient, without sacrificing quality.