Affordable Dental Care for seniors

senior-careDental care challenges are aggravated with the growing age. Seniors have to face many oral problems that are definitely preventable with proper care and attention. General dental treatments for dry mouth and painful gum diseases are easy to find but for specialized treatments like root canal or denture-induced stomatitis, they need proficient care from the dental experts. From tooth extraction to the fitting of partial implants and complete geriatric dental care, they look forward to a reliable clinic to avail its comprehensive services. At Value Dental Queen Creek, we believe in providing age-specific dentistry services at affordable costs for all these dental issues faced by the seniors.

What Entails Dental Care for seniors?

Seniors have special dental needs that must be handled with proper care and dexterity. There are many causes for tooth decay and growing oral diseases in the older age. Sometimes, improper food habits and prescription drugs can lead to rampant tooth decay leading to severe conditions. Hence, they need extensive care that includes basic screening and specialized services. Affordable dental services for seniors should include preventive care, cosmetic services, as well as emergency services.

Dental care for seniors encompasses routine check-ups, tooth fillings, cleanings, and other therapeutic services.

It also includes affordable treatment for painful ulcers and gum bleeding caused by their partial dentures, sensitivity in the teeth, toothache, emergency dentistry, scaling, root planning, gingivitis, secondary reaction to some medications, and surgical care.

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At Value Dental Queen Creek, we strongly lay emphasis on preventive dental care for seniors. Hence, our dentists conduct a thorough examination of every patient to analyze the real problems. Our wide gamut of services for senior citizens includes bone regeneration, periodontal scaling, gum grafting, and other specialized dental procedures. We monitor every patient closely to ensure proper diagnosis and longevity of the treatments provided. Our patient-centric services are available 24/7, even during the after-hours. So, feel free to contact us as and when you need an appointment.

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